Certdolomiti: a reliable partner for the UK market


UKAS has renewed the accreditation of the Approved Body for the UKCA certification of PPE. President Luca Businaro says“It is a very important sign of confidence. We are now working on offering more targeted services to our customers”

UKAS has just renewed Certdolomiti’s accreditation for the UKCA certification of personal protective equipment intended for the British market. In this way the Company, stemming from the expertise of both Certottica and Dolomiticert, and part of the Certottica Group, can continue offering its services to Italian and worldwide companies exporting to the UK.

This is a great confirmation of the hard work carried out by Certdolomiti, just two months before the expiry date of the grace period during which the CE marking will still be temporarily accepted in the UK. The deadline is set on December 31st; so, from 1st January 2023 all PPE marketed in GB shall necessarily bear the UKCA marking, with all the consequences of the case for those who have not yet complied with the updated guidelines.

These are effects of the Brexit, to the point that many foreign companies have been forced to comply with the new British regulations since 2020, even if there is a transition period during which the CE marking is still tolerated in Britain. From the new year, however, rules will definitely change: PPE with a valid EU certificate issued before 31st December 2022 can be marked UKCA without the intervention of an Approved Body, and shall have a UKCA certificate only after the expiry date of the EU certificate or after five years (2027). For PPE placed on the British market from 1st January 2023, the intervention of an Approved Body will be required to issue the UKCA certificate. Until the end of 2025 the UKCA marking may be affixed to a sticky label or to an accompanying document, after that period the UKCA marking must be indelibly and permanently affixed to the PPE.

And so… what products are affected by these changes and need a prompt action? It is not just glasses and face protection devices, but all personal protective equipment in general, from respiratory protection devices, helmets, harnesses, to suits and sportswear, fireproof clothing, safety shoes, protectors, etc.

Certdolomiti’s President of Luca Businaro says: «The renewal of Certdolomiti’s accreditation is not just an important sign of UKAS’s confidence, but also an invitation to work on offering increasingly targeted services tailored to the specific needs of all companies that come to us asking for solutions. To date, the issue of safety is crucial. Just think about how many accidents at work happen every day!Some products can really make the difference by saving lives or greatly limiting any damage. Made in Italy quality is unquestionable, but it must be certified according to current laws. For this reason, it is essential that a strategic market such as the British one, is not cut off due to regulatory changes that can be easily faced. Certdolomiti was set up in 2021 with the purpose of supporting Italian manufacturers to preserve exports to the UK, by ensuring the correct marking of articles according to the UK rules and performing a wide range of tests in our Italian laboratories».

Certdolomiti is a company of the Certottica Group, it was founded in February 2021 by combining Certottica and Dolomiticert’s expertise, its registered office is in London while its operational headquarters is in Bristol. It deals with the UKCA marking of a wide range of II and III category PPE, it is accredited by UKAS, and appointed by BEIS (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy) as Approved Body for the certification of Personal Protective Equipment pursuant to “Regulation 2016/425 on personal protective equipment, as amended to apply in GB “.

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